Homestead Organics: Let us introduce you.

An intro to this stellar farm in Hamilton, MT.

Check 'em out!


Laura makes our Kale Krunch!

Quick Tip #1 Salad Washing Deluxe: Prepping Salad mix for the Farmers Market.

Quick Tip #2 Greenhouse Modification with Chicken Wire!

Letter of the law: Laura and Henry talk to us about Montana Law and new laws encroaching on small farmers way of life. 


The farmers of tomorrow need your help today!

Hello Jaunt viewers. Today we met an awesome farmer named Lynn Gillespie. Her main crop is future farmers. She is raising money to plant additional crops to increase the farm's diversity to teach her students. Click below to be taken to her kickstarter video and learn more about her farm.
This is a very important project - please help her out!

Stay tuned for our epic-awesome videos coming out of The Living Farm!
Paonia, Colorado-

The farmers of tomorrow need your help today! 


Big Daddy BioChar with Jim Karnofski

Be sure to check out our previous BioChar videos for more information.
Contact Jim with comments or questions (he's friendly) Karnask@hotmail.com