Soaking up the Solar Shine in our new Solar Cells!!!

Big shout out to Goal Zero for sponsoring EcoJaunt with a 50% off discount through there "Awesome Persons Discount"! We are now cooking with sunshine Kiddds! We are boasting a durable 27watt pannel up on our roof-side. We charge full time as we roll to a 350watt battery allowing full mobile power for our editing pleasure. YeeHaaa! Just gives you that warm buzzing feeling all over. (p.s. avoid sticking the wires to your tongue)   


Sustainable Living Meets Health...actually they've been friends all along.

Greetings from the Great Salt Lake! Wanted to let y'all know that I (Swix Morgan) have been writing a fun (and somewhat informative) blog for the physical therapy clinic that I worked at in Portland. It ties together sustainable ideas and health, often including stretches or exercises for sustainable activities! If you're keen to check it out, follow this link:

(don't worry I'll bring humility back in the next sentence)

or you can go to Therapeutic Associates' web page for downtown Portland clinic and click on the Where In the States Is Morgan icon.

Thus far, I've written three blogs:

#1 Sustaining Your Body and Your Garden

#2 Get On The Bus Gus!

#3 Commute By Bike: Tips to Get You Rolling

I'm currently sitting at Coffee Noir in SLC working on numero quatro... as a tease, the topic is food!

Hope you're enjoying the summer and making smart choices! ...and watching fun, enjoyable, education videos on this really cool website I've heard about... OK, really the humility is on its way :)


Hello All!

We are in Roslyn, Washington near Cle Elum hunkering down in coffee shops to catch up on our editing! Awesome community in Roslyn, outdoor open mics and friendly eco-heads all about.

Stay tuned for a small slew of new videos!
Thanks for watching...

Larkin Stentz of Green Angel Garden shows us how to "make your bed"- preparing your bed for a new crop of lettuce.

Larkin of Green Angel Gardens shows us how to lower your electric bill to pre-heat your water using the sun!