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In my last blog post, I identified the BASIC 5 IDEAs that we should all be aware of in order to better ourselves and our world. While the first one addressed ideas of waste and conservation, this one focuses on ENERGY AND FUEL: different sources, how it's obtained, and how we can decrease our usage! Oh yeah, and there's a few fun pictures too :)


Our First Guest Post Video!

B.Y.O. CHOPSTIX is a really fun video with facts and motivational insight into bringing your own supplies when going out to dine. You can save tons of gunk from landfills by bringing your own chopstix, forks, spoons, knives and to-go boxes! It's simple once you begin! So go! Begin!

Thank you awesome people at Great Leap, Inc.


Wondering just how much food IS wasted? There's a dynamic duo about to delve into these matters! No, it's not Travis and Swix, but we're sure this pair will get to the bottom of this question. Check it out!

Just Eat It Movie