Natural Awakenings: Great to Meet the AMAZING Publishers ;)

Loved meeting these kats on the streets of North Chicago! Couldn't have asked for better people to see our live projector action :)
Check out their publication, full of sustainable ideas and health tips!


Locational Update!

We are currently in Chicago-land, getting excited to teach at Whitney Young Magnet School on Tuesday! Yeeehaw, look out 5 science classes and one Eco-Club meeting, EcoJaunt is on its way ;)

Next stop: Detroit.


Douglas RIP : Meet The Rally Wagon

A video tribute to The Douglas and an introduction to his successor The Rally Wagon.
Check out all the work in fast-forward!

The Story below:

Oh Woe as it is, it came to pass that in September, year of our lord 2011, the mighty member of EcoJaunt, The Douglas, has died! In a parking lot it gave it's last limping start and took us to safety at our host's house in Omaha, NE.

What does one do when their house dies? When their vehicle for information, navigation and habitation goes kaput? .... CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT THE FULL STORY!


Celia's Teat Tips AND For Cheezy

Celia's Teat Tips:
Celia shows us how to milk a goat in preparation for cheese.

For Cheezy:
Celia shows us the steps to turn your goat milk into goat cheese! Yum!