Benny of EcoCity Farms takes us through the nitty gritty of compost creation, giving us an easy to use formula for successful compost creation!


Easy Breezy Compost Aeration: EcoCity Farms

The brilliant Benny from EcoCity Farms enlightens us with an effective and easy addition to your compost pile. With a few pipes you can increase the aeration and decrease the labor to maintain your pile.


Science Barge Hydroponics!

Bob from the Science Barge is back to teach us the wonderful world of hydroponics. He shows us various methods and simple DIY construction. Behold the magic of growing food using only 25% of the water! Give em a visit -


Refillable Wine!!!

Hey Everyone! A toast to Wilridge Winery! They are introducing refillable wine bottles at an affordable price. A great reuse and... Vino! Please look for them at your grocery stores. We saw our first bottle at New Seasons Market in Portland Oregon. Ask your markets to order them. Vote with your dollar, your voice and your drinking habits! Check out their website WilridgeWinery.com


Food Is Free Project

Forgive us viewers! We have not posted a video in sometime, however check this out! Food Is Free Project is amazing, engaging, sustaining and entertaining!! Listen to John and Jonathan, as they teach through song and action, how to build a raised wicking garden bed for about two dollars. Learn how to get all your neighbors to grow food in their front yards. It's an ingenious design, allowing you to water about once a month, and grow food for all! FoodIsFreeProject.org


SWIX MORGAN'S NEWEST BLOG... on Energy! (click here)

In my last blog post, I identified the BASIC 5 IDEAs that we should all be aware of in order to better ourselves and our world. While the first one addressed ideas of waste and conservation, this one focuses on ENERGY AND FUEL: different sources, how it's obtained, and how we can decrease our usage! Oh yeah, and there's a few fun pictures too :)


Our First Guest Post Video!

B.Y.O. CHOPSTIX is a really fun video with facts and motivational insight into bringing your own supplies when going out to dine. You can save tons of gunk from landfills by bringing your own chopstix, forks, spoons, knives and to-go boxes! It's simple once you begin! So go! Begin!

Thank you awesome people at Great Leap, Inc.


Wondering just how much food IS wasted? There's a dynamic duo about to delve into these matters! No, it's not Travis and Swix, but we're sure this pair will get to the bottom of this question. Check it out!

Just Eat It Movie


The Science Barge - Three ways to grow HIGH! Vertical Growing Methods

Hello out there! Welcome to the Science Barge. A floating sustainable greenhouse! Listen as Bob takes us through three great ways to grow vertically.


Eagle St Rooftop Farm - in NYC!?

Come see what vegetables the Big Apple has to offer! The farmers at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm shows that fresh organic production can happen in the thickest or urban places. 
Check em out!


Swix's latest Blog post is ready for the reading!

This one addresses issues of awareness in everyday life and little changes we can all make to improve our environment and decrease our footprints!



EcoJaunt.org is at Maker Fair this weekend in San Fran!


Wood Gas Part 2: Extras and In-Depth Info

Once again, we present to you, the Wood-Gas Gangsta, Mr. Wayne Keith. This video contains further detail about the inner workings of wood-gas and theories behind it.


Running Your Engine on Wood-Gas with Wayne Keith!

Wayne Keith runs his trucks on wood-gas, a pyrolytic process! He takes us through this system step by step. Wayne Keith not only holds the land speed record for wood-gas, but has driven over 250,000 miles on wood! He has also been featured in Mother Earth News multiple times.





13 Days to Go!~!

Our Kickstarter ends in 13days! We are 53% to our goal! Crunch time amigos! Support us so we can support sustainability!

Thank you everybody!

Travis & Swix




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Kung-Fu Comfrey: Soil Supplement

Master Repkin and his Mysterious Sidekick use ancient wisdom and serious skill to secure soil supplementation. Old Skool dubbing techniques used in the editing process, do not adjust your TV.


Lett-uce Plant a Bed!

Once again, the fabulous Natalya Lowther of PinWheel Farm teaches us more about no-irrigation farming! Watch this video to learn the steps of planting a lettuce bed, Kansas style!


Walk Like An Egyptian... Onion

Check out what we've learned about this amazing vegetable from Natalya Lowther at Pinwheel Farm!
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