Peter Baldwin's PooManure ComPoost System

The wise Peter Baldwin shares with us his clean working Humanure Compost system.


  1. I would be concerned about odors with a system like this. I certainly would not want a bucket of poo (even with sawdust) inside my main dwelling.

    We're still on the fence as to whether we will build a septic system or buy a composting toilet (that has external vents, etc) but I'm leaning more toward a small septic setup.

    Of course, this means that we can't use humanure, and that's a little disappointing, since I'd like to be able to reuse whatever we can. The soil where we're headed isn't the best, and fortifying it with whatever we can would surely be a good plan.

    I wonder if this design could be adapted to have better odor control...

  2. From our experience, all composting toilets smell MUCH worse than humanure bucket system. In fact, everywhere that we've seen them used...and used them... they have been nearly odor-less!