Dirty Laundry DIY: Off-Grid Washing

Peter Baldwin shows us his homemade laundry machine! This one requires only human-power, so simple and so fantastic. We have the plans available if you'd like them, just send us an email!


  1. Clever. I particularly like the smaller bucket washer for small jobs. I grew up with a wringer/washer (electric) which had a soap saver feature that pushed the soap water into a large laundry sink. Then the washer filled with fresh water to rinse. Next laundry you pushed a switch to bring the soapy water back into the washer for the next washing. You had to really consider the sequence of washing. Light clothes first, then medium dirty and finally the really dirty clothes last :-)

  2. I think I'd just build two of these and place them back to back at the wringer. This way, you could have one that had the wash water and one that rinsed.

    Once we get moved to Texas, we're going to need to conserve electricity as much as possible, so a manual clothes washing setup sure sounds like a great idea!