News Alert: The Grey Plume

Breaking News! Clayton Chapman of Omaha's The Grey Plume lets us know what makes his restaurant the MOST SUSTAINABLE RESTAURANT in the country!

Visit them in person or at


Super Heros of the Land Institute

Wes Jackson, Carrie Carpenter, and Stan Cox tell us about The Land Institute's work to create grain perennials to be used in farms across the world. Their revolutionary work aims to cut down on the environmental destruction that current farming practices are creating.


Perennials VS Annuals: The Battle to End ALL Wars!!!

Famed Wes Jackson and his team tell us the benefits of Perennials VS Annuals. This video is full of yummy facts that are sure to blow your mind.

For more information check 'em out at The Land Institute!

Also stay tuned for our next music video entitled "Sorry Wes Jackson" (I'm am an Annual)