Compost Calendar : Compost Cluster #1

Troy Hinke of The Rodale Institute shares with us some compost hints for your garden! He tells us when to apply compost directly and when compost tea is more advantageous. Thanks Troy!


How To Start A Solar Coop And Why!

Co-founders of the Mt Pleasant Solar Coop in D.C. share the advantages of creating your own neighborhood coop, as well as give us pointers on how!



Benny Erez of EcoCity Farms in the DC area shows us the ways of BOKASHI, a fermented way to preserve your food scraps for compost! Check out how much the worms love this stuff!


Compost Cab!

Washington DC's Compost Cab allows its residents to put their food scraps to good use! Plus, you can get finished compost in return!


Hoop House Hints!

Adam from EcoCity Farms gives us some tips on how to set up and grow in your hoophouse!