Fundraiser Time!!

Hello everyone!
As many of you know, we are gearing up for the big Jaunt set to leave the last weekend of March. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We will travel around the US, interacting with, learning from, and documenting sustainable practices, for you to learn and enjoy. While we own the vehicle, equipment, and the energy for this project, we still need to cover basic needs: gas and food.

Please subscribe for as little as 5$ a month, or donate a lump sum. We are now paired with the non-profit, Filmmakers Collaborative. Filmmakers Collaborative is our Fiscal Sponsor and through them all donations are tax deductible! Help us now and have the government pay you back later!!

Please note all donations through PayPal as it is set up are not tax deductible, please contact us for Tax deductible donations.

It's up to us to find the funding needed. Please support us in this important venture. Spread the word!!

Thank you,
Travis and Swix

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